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  • Phase I/ Phase II Treatment

    Since it is recommended that children be seen at around age 7 for an orthodontic evaluation, it is found that a number of children could use some early tooth guidance, and/or orthopedic correction during their growth years.

    Phase I treatment at Woodstock Orthodontics is limited to the erupted permanent teeth and skeletal growth modification (if necessary) in young children, ages 7- 12. Treatment time ranges from 4 to 16 months.

    Goals of Phase I treatment include:

    • Improved upper and lower jaw relationships
    • Elimination of dental crossbites
    • Dental Arch development to relieve excessive tooth crowding
    • Movement of protrusive teeth to a safer position to avoid injury
    • Esthetic alignment of front teeth for patients with social issues
    • Management and retraining of incorrect oral habits
    • Space maintenance when primary tooth loss is premature

    This is followed by an Interphase Retention Period and observation until most all of the permanent teeth are erupted, which is usually completed by age 12 or 13. There are no additional fees for this observation period.

    Phase II treatment involves the fine tuning of the patients bite and alignment when all the adult teeth are erupted. Treatment time averages from 10 to 20 months.

    Goals of Phase II treatment include:

    • Alignment of teeth not involved in Phase I
    • Extrusion of impacted canines
    • Final detailing of the occlusion (bite)
    • Management of 12 year molars
    • Surgically assisted orthodontics if growth was not adequate in Phase I
    • Further management of incorrect oral habits
    • Permanent tooth extraction treatment in severe crowding cases
    • Final Retention of the finished treatment

    Woodstock Orthodontics bases its Phase II fees on similar comprehensive case fees, but subtracts a sizeable amount of the cost incurred from Phase I.