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  • Theresa Anthony-Svevcar
    Office Manager and Reception

    Theresa has been with Woodstock Orthodontics since 2001. She is the core of the office team. Patients and parents know her for her pleasant personality, and willingness to help with scheduling or account inquiries and changes. She is the "go-to" person for answers about insurance, billing, scheduling, and day to day office flow. She is dedicated to checking messages on the out of office days, and coordinates emergencies with Dr. Christensen. Hers is the familiar voice on the "House Calls" appointment reminder phone system. If you are really nice to her, she has been know to give away goody gifts from her office drawer.

    Theresa keeps busy out of the office with her husband, Gary, and two daughters. She likes to do projects on her sewing machine, lounges by her pool in the summer, and takes an interest in helping with her oldest daughter's Pinto Pony, Jack.

    Michele Vara
    Chair Side Assistant

    Michele has been with Woodstock Orthodontics for a only a year now, but has orthodontic and general dental chair side experience going back to the early 1980's. In fact, she was an orthodontic assistant at the same office that Dr. Christensen associated with back in 1989! Even though Woodstock Orthodontics is dedicated to primarily doctor delivered patient care, Michele will be helping out with dental impressions, x-rays, securing arch wires, and instructing patients about their hygiene, appliances, and elastics wear. Michele keeps the treatment area entertained with her cheerful personality and ease of talking to anyone. Busy afternoons go by quickly when Michele is around. You will appreciate her extensive experience, thoroughness, and comfort as an assistant.

    Michele is an experienced chef, and has her own catering service as a side career. She has also been busy raising five sons who are exceptionally good students and gifted athletes. She lives with her husband, Henry, in southern Wisconsin. Keep an eye out for some of Michele's delicious baked items from time to time around the office.