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  • In cases where no interceptive Phase I treatment was performed and most or all adult teeth have erupted a comprehensive single phase treatment plan will be developed.

    Woodstock Orthodontics has the versatility to correct most all cases from the simple to the complex. Treatment plans requiring tooth removal for crowding or bite correction are routine. Bite correction with attached appliances is standard here, and treatment with invisible aligners or retainers is discouraged, as the results are not up to our high standards.


    Many of our adult patients select the Unitek Clarity Ceramic Brackets for their treatment appliance. We offer these "clear" brackets for the upper dental arch at a modest additional fee. Take a look at the examples to see what they appear like on patients!

    Adult orthodontic treatment is usually more complex than child or adolescent treatment because there is no growth to work with, and cellular turnover is not as rapid as in developing young people. Hence, teeth typically move more slowly, and treatment times are longer. This is not always the case, but in general, it holds true.

    Adults typically have restorations like crowns, bridges, or missing teeth due to their extensive dental history. These factors may limit our ideal results, but there are also many avenues and choices that can still provide a highly aesthetic result, even in very complicated cases.